La Salumeria & I Formaggi del Lenzi


Tagliere Del Lenzi

Hams & Cheeses from Lenzi’s Farm

Small 520B Medium 890B Large 1600B


Bazzone IGP Presidio Slow Food

Cut by hands, fresh pork leg from Valle del Serchio cured for 3 to 4 years, with Tuscan sea salt & Pepper 690B


Biroldo IGP Presidio slow food

Blood pudding ham 300B



Different parts of the pork cooked & pressed together 300B



Fatback with herbs & Rock salt 300B

Lonza dolce

Dried-Cured muscle

from neck to rib 360B


Salame Toscano

Cured sausage, fermented &

air-dried 340B


Culaccio della Garfagnana

The king of hams made from leg muscle 650B


Mortadella con tartufo

Heat-cured pork sausage with cubes of pork fat & Truffle 550B


Pancetta Toscana

Rolled pork belly 270B


Formaggi artigianali Del Lenzi

Artisanal cheeses from Lenzi’s farm

Small 450B Medium 780B


Pecorino rosso

Fresh sheep milk cheese 350B


Pecorino stagionato in grotta

Sheep milk cheese matured in natural caves 370B


Il Formaggio vaccino

Fresh cow milk cheese 350B

Ham in Bangkok? Lenzi’s italian restaurant!

The best ham in Bangkok is at our italian restaurant, Lenzi Tuscan Kitchen. We serve the best homemade and organic hams, even combined with homemade cheese.

In 1945 my uncle established, L’ Antica Norcineria in Ghivizzano, near Lucca in Tuscany. In Italy a norcineria is a traditional butcher shop which specializes solely in pork hams. The products we make are certified by the slow food movement, which promotes and preserves traditional, regional products and production methods around the world. The program now has members in over 150 countries and helps to make a statement regarding the globalization of agricultural products.

The free range pigs processed at L’Antica Norcineria have eaten only foods that are in season, such as sweet corn, bran, soy and barley, but their most important food – as has historically been the case for pigs in Italy – Is sweet chestnuts. We ensure the pigs as long a life as possible, with them weighing in at anywhere from 180 to 240kg.

We are proud to say that on November 2015 L’Antica Norcineria was awarded a star by Gambero Rosso (an Italian food and wine magazine). Achieving the highest level of merit for its production of traditional hams.

At Lenzi Tuscan Kitchen, we are proud to offer exclusive, traditional, high quality products to our customers.

Some of our products

Prosciutto Bazzone presidio Slow Food

Prosciutto Bazzone presidio Slow Food



Lardo Groppone

Lardo Groppone

Manzo di Pozza

Manzo di Pozza

Pancetta Arrotolata

Pancetta Arrotolata

Salame Prosciuttato

Salame Prosciuttato

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